The Prophets are Weird

The kids that get seriously bullied, if they survive it, don’t have anything to lose. They aren’t in it for the nookie. They no longer care what you think. They are the prophets. They are the ones who will say what no one else dares to say, because they believe it is true, and for no other reason. They don’t always get it right, but when they do, it’s spectacular, and unforgettable.

5 thoughts on “The Prophets are Weird

  1. We who were bullied, salute your Truth (capital T).

    We speak Truth not for no other reason than it is True; We speak Truth because The Lie always fails.

    We learned the Truth that violence (in any form) is the last refuge of the incompetent. We learned how hard it can be to be true in the face of such incompetence, but also its reward:

    Truth is the face of the lie of the incompetent strength is sexy.

    We know it to be a lie because, that last refuge of the incompetence –that violence towards others, always wanes in time.

    And Truth does not.



  2. I read “bullying” as abuse in any form–violence/violation in any form. Some it breaks, some it tempers. but I don’t really want to draw the comparison to forging in fire any further.

    That comparison is often used to normalize abuse as somehow  “character building,” and that’s a part of The Lie (I think I’ll have that trade marked).



  3. Yes, you are absolutely right.  Abuse is never a good thing, and I think the people that are tempered by abuse would have been “tempered” regardless.  The abuse doesn’t bring out anything that wasn’t already there.  They are just fortunate enough not to be rendered non-functional by the abuse.

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