Code of Conduct

There are a few rules on this site, and fair warning, moderation will be swift, consistent, and heavy handed when these rules are violated.

  • No hate. If you don’t like the fact that the skin colour of your neighbours doesn’t match yours, if you don’t like it when people don’t speak the language you speak, if you don’t like the sexual choices of the adults in your life, if they choose to love other adults, if you choose to hate people because of their religious choices, if you don’t think people fleeing disaster, poverty or persecution belong in your country, you aren’t welcome here.
  • Be respectful. This should be self explanatory, but if name calling is your thing, or insulting people who disagree with you is your thing, even clever, subtle insults, you aren’t welcome here.
  • No porn. This is self explanatory. This is an adult oriented site, but this site isn’t a site where “adult entertainment” is welcome.
  • No advertising. There are a few exceptions to this. You are free to plug books and media, and almost any product you find, honestly, truly exceptional, and especially products or media you had a hand in producing, but if pyramid sales is your thing, or addictive products such as gambling products, or any product where the primary product is deception, or is harmful, those kinds of product plugs will be deleted, and you may or may not be warned before you are permanently banned from the site.
  • These last two are double star important. If you submit any creative writing to this site, please make sure you keep a copy of it in your own files and in your own system, preferably in multiple locations. The database for this website is backed up in multiple locations, but databases and backups can fail, and sometimes it isn’t possible to restore a database from a backup.
  • Please don’t submit anything to this site, or to any other site, that you plan to submit for publication elsewhere. I don’t know what the legal implications are, but most publishers don’t want material that has already been published, and submitting anything to this site is a form of publication.