talking to travellers

one year older,
on that side of the curve
where this seems to be a good thing.
i will now do more,
or will i?

one year older,
on that side of the curve,
descending to a greater adventure,
gathering momentum
for a great leap,

that breathless leap,
constricted by fear,
tormented by a list
of works left undone

it’s ok.
we’ll be all right.
he is waiting for you
and he’ll be so much healthier
than your last memories of him.

it’s ok,
we love you,
we’ll miss and remember you
and i can’t wait to talk to you again
and hear the stories of your great adventure

go with love
brave explorer.
find the stars in their torment of creation,
find the angels in their endless watching,

you will be sure that
so much that you thought was so terribly important
so much that you thought was empty and meaningless
was as precious as cold pure water

this is your cup.
it is full to the brim.
it is time to pass this cup
from one hand to another.

How to say Goodbye to a Loved One