Inconstant Communication

I am, at the best of times, an inconstant communicator. This is not new, but the enforced social isolation of the early 2020’s may have… enhanced…that trait.

I can see a post or a text and think about replying and then procrastinate for a “later” that never comes. I do this with an ease that often astounds me– though sometimes it comes with guilt.

I am an introvert. For extroverts, being social is relaxing (or so they say, I find it really hard to believe.) For me, the world can be too “people-y” with just me and my wife and the horses. It often takes me months to recuperate after visits from family around the holidays.

Know then that when I appear unresponsive (for months at a time), when I don’t call or write back, it’s not personal–I am just people’d out. Know that I am like this with everyone, including immediate family.

I have often thought I’d be a very happy hermit, but then I think that some fool would climb my mountain, wade through my moat, navigate my mine field and sneak past my motion triggered sentry turrets to my WIFI-enabled-Solar-powered-climate-controlled cave. They be wanting a chat, and I’d have to entertain in person.