The agnostic recipe for accepting religious teachings without cognitive dissonance:

  1. Read sacred texts with care. Take notes. 
  2. Acknowledge human authorship of said texts in historical context
  3. Separate and discard practices and behaviour reliant on belief in omniscience, omnipotence or omnipresence. 
  4. Separate and discard practices and behaviour which denigrate any group of people as “less than,” or “unclean” on the basis of any criteria. Criteria may includes, but are not limited to: age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, body shape, skin pigmentation, native language, hair colour, hair length, tattoos or lack thereof… No, really… anything.
  5. Separate and discard practices and behaviour based on lack of refrigeration, understanding of biology, proper hygiene, and or physics (see point 2)
  6. Separate and discard practices and behaviour reliant on higher authority. This includes reliance on gurus, Imams, Priests, monks, and or keepers of the sacred colander.
  7. Ask self: “Self, does this teaching make me want or try to be better person without hurting anyone?”
  8. Season with salt and pepper
  9. Serve warm

Bushwackin’ Blues

It’s nearly three a.m.
The pleasure’s all been mine,
I could tell that from the yawnin’
And you kept asking for the time,
If I could only take you home—
But I think the wife would mind.

It’s a cloudy starless night,
The bugs are out in force,
With one thing on their mind,
Dragging life out from it’s source,
But you’re as pretty as can be
And I’m as love struck as a horse.

Unless all the undergrowth dies
I’ll never find my way out of here.
You’re a treasure and a joy
But my time with you is done my dear.
Burdocks, brambles, shasta daisies,
Trampled, crushed, itching like crazy.