The Agenda

How do you eliminate a massive number of people with a specific set of beliefs?

First you polarize the population along ideological lines. You push the people with that set of beliefs to the far end of a spectra of beliefs. You clearly demarcate those lines of belief, and entrench them.

Then you introduce a global threat.

Then you introduce something that will protect people from that threat, but won’t eliminate it, or diminish it’s global presence.

Then you make the people with the beliefs you want to eliminate believe that the one defence against that global threat is evil, and against their principles. You entrench that belief, so that it becomes religious dogma, an orthodoxy that they will die for.

Then you extend the reach of the global threat until it is inescapable.

In the final step you transform the threat from a dangerous threat, to a deadly threat.

Our current pandemic is now as contagious as the most contagious pathogen known to humanity. The only step remaining is the last one.

I personally have no idea if “The Agenda” that I have outlined here is real. If it is, it certainly isn’t your government, or any human government, that is pursuing it. It isn’t any one of your neighbours or your friends. It isn’t the people who look different than you do, or speak a different language than you do, or have different religious beliefs than you do, two houses down the block, or on the other side of the planet.

Your only defence is to get vaccinated. Stop believing lies. Go get vaccinated. Do it now.