Cats vs. Songbirds

(it’s not a fair fight)

There are those who would say that cats are good for songbirds. Survival of the fittest. The strong will survive and adapt, and songbirds will emerge smarter, stronger and fitter as a result of the predations of the domestic cat. But it’s not a fair fight, it never has been.

In a world with humans removed from the equation, predators and prey face similar challenges, age, disease, the need for safe shelter, the struggle for sustenance. But domestic cats, in the main, do not face these challenges.

Domestic cats have distinctly human advantages. They, for the most part, have a reliable source of food, should they fail in the hunt. They have health care, they have a warm safe place to rest. Domestic cats, for the most part, don’t hunt to survive. Like humans, they hunt for entertainment.